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Discover my beautiful artworks of wooden toothpicks

At Nagasaki, I create beautiful and unique artworks using wooden toothpicks. These pieces are real eye-catchers for any wall! Below, I'd like to share a bit more about myself.

About me

In the heart of Benin City, Nigeria, a man named Collins embarked on a journey that would lead him to unexpected places. In 2019, he found himself in the Netherlands, seeking refuge and solace from the shadows of depression and pain that had plagued him for far too long. 

Amidst the challenges of adjusting to a new life in a foreign land, I encountered a fellow soul at the asylum seeker center (azc). This kindred spirit shared a similar tale of struggle, offering I a glimmer of hope that he, too, could overcome the burdens that weighed him down. 

As the days unfolded, I found myself grappling with the darkness within, often questioning what he could do to break free from the clutches of despair. His journey took an unexpected turn when he was admitted, a moment that seemed like the final chapter. 

Yet, in the depths of the night, a dream transported I to a place he had never dared to imagine. The vision lingered in his waking hours, prompting him to ponder the possibility of contributing something meaningful to society, something that could offer solace to others without the reliance on medication. 

In a moment of inspiration, I reflected on a simple yet universal item that had been a constant in his life – toothpicks. With a newfound sense of purpose, he began channeling his energy into crafting toothpicks, a seemingly mundane item that held the potential to bring a ray of light into the lives of those who, like him, sought resilience and definition. 

In the act of creating, I discovered a profound sense of fulfillment. His journey from the depths of despair to the realization of a purposeful endeavor with toothpicks became a beacon of hope for others who yearned for a way out. 

And so, the man from Benin City, once lost in the shadows, found his place in the Netherlands, defined not by his past struggles, but by the resilience and determination that had carried him through. In the simple act of crafting toothpicks, I became a symbol of transformation, proof that even the smallest endeavors could hold the power to change lives and illuminate the path towards healing and purpose. 

More information?

If you are looking for an art gallery specializing in unique wooden art, then Nagasaki is the right place for you. Do you have any questions or would you like to discuss the possibilities for your own artwork? Feel free to contact me. Call 085-0013165, send a WhatsApp message or email, or use the contact form.


In my artworks, I aim to show everyone that art offers hope in every situation.

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On this page, you will find some examples of my work.

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